Our unfiltered beers at HHB are not typical representation of their styles, Howling Henry’s Brewery is ‘crafting beer without rules’. We strive to be different, love to show our individuality, and try not to have our beers taste like every other brand on the market. With this in mind we vary our beer’s carbonation level to present our beer the best way possible. Unfortunately, this tends to make our beer’s CO2 seem lower than that of other breweries. The temperature range to enjoy our beers is between 45 to 50 degree Fahrenheit. If you are ready to try a beer that is not formulated and brewed the same as everyone else’s craft beer, please click on the label(s) below of the style(s) that interests you. When you ready to try our offering click on cases to purchase, as there are options. Here at Howling Henry’s we believe there is more to beer than just hops. If you would be interested in viewing a short video of me sanitize bottles click here, and/or counter fill bottles beer click here.

  Henrys wheat v3 hi res
   hBockP hi res2v2BOPA hi res v2