Here are some of the pictures of my equipment and a brief tour of the manufacturing side of my brewery.

Above are two used dairy cylindrical tanks now being repurposed as fermenters.

The two tanks closest in the left photo were used dairy bulk tanks, one is used as an all purpose tank, and the other is the mash tun. The next picture shows how I remove anywhere from 4 to 6 hundred pounds of spent grain. The spent grain is picked up by a farmer.

The new 10 bbl brew kettle (310 gallons) from Bennett Forgeworks. Formally my only brewery tank.

If you were wonder about the cold side of the brewery? I use three stainless steel tanks that were used in the vanilla industry and I have recycled them into condition tanks. Each tank can handle roughly 8.5 bbl or 263.5 gallons.

How is it you can offer cases?  Great question, I fill them 4 bottles of beer at a time. It is very labor intensive, but well worth it. Believe it or not I capped over 200 cases of beer with a hand capper, that would be over 4800 individual bottles of beer (until I wore the capper out). Since upgrading to a bench type capper I have started on my 4th box of 10,000 caps in 2020. I have made this bottler semi-automated to help fill each of the 4 bottles quicker, more consistently, and reduced product waste. Click here for a short video of my bottler, and I at work.

My space is small, and my tanks may not win any beauty contests, but this how I made my dream to be a business owner possible. One thing I learned is if you want it bad enough you will find a way. If you have any questions, please ask them here.