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Hello Craft Beer Enthusiasts, you have just found the only brewery in Hummelstown, PA, where our motto is ‘Crafting beer without rules’ because our products don’t fit precisely in the confines of traditional styles (I like coloring outside the lines). We strive for balance between our ingredients in our various beer offerings, but never go too heavy on either, and there is more to beer than just hops. This balance helps our beers to be different than what is out on the craft beer market, and pride ourselves on crafting beer without rules.

We are looking for restaurants and taverns to carry our various beers. Although, if you can’t wait for a local restaurant or tavern to pick us up, we have multiple ways for you to get some Howling Henry’s. Unfortunately, one of those options is not at the brewery just yet (more taproom news to come), but we have found a home at the Market on Chocolate, which is across from Houlihans in Hershey. Cases can also be delivered to your door by me, click here.  If you have a minute or two, check out the rest of the site. Interested restaurants, questions and/or comments can be sent to or go to our contact page. Thank you for stopping by.